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About Ethan Gordon Photography

Photography and Writing Experience

Ethan on assignment in Fiji.
Photo: Art Brewer

Ethan has been working as a freelance photojournalist primarily in the diving, fishing and travel industries since 1995. His assignment work has taken him from the cold waters off New England to the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Coral Sea, and numerous islands in the Caribbean. Ethan has photographed thousands of marine creatures from around the world. However, his skill doesn't stop at the water's edge. His topside photography makes his assignment work stand out.

See some "digital tear sheets" on the published work page as well as a full listing of professional photo credits.

Ethan has been honored twice by Skin Diver Magazine and Asian Diver. Both magazines included his images in their prestigious Photo Annual Collector's Editions, and once by Sport Diver, which included one of his images in their first Photo Annual Collector's Edition.

Ethan served as editor of Fathoms, the magazine of the underwater world, from May 2005 - February 2008.

Diving Experience

Ethan became certified as a scuba diver in 1984 and has nearly 2800 dives under his belt. Since 1989 he has taught scuba diving to hundreds of people and has received awards for his skill as a teacher.

He holds numerous certifications in addition to his instructor ratings (PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer- 5 specialties, SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor- 10 specialties).


Ethan holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Cornell University, which greatly contributes to his sense of light and three dimensional space in his photography. This skill gives Ethan's work a certain dynamic quality which draws and holds a viewer's attention.

Assignments, Speaking Engagements, and Gallery Shows

Please contact us for more information on Ethan's availability for assignment work, speaking engagements, or gallery shows.