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Sponsors are companies whose services & products greatly contribute to the production of Ethan Gordon's photography. Use our contact page to inquire about becoming a sponsor.

sea and sea

Sea & Sea is Ethan Gordon's primary sponsor. In the world of underwater photography, equipment makes a big difference. Selecting a brand of equipment to use is not an easy decision, especially when your livelyhood depends on it.

"I was extremely impressed when I saw the new MDX300 housing for the Nikon D300. From the ergonomics to the camera control to the price point — I don't see why anyone would choose anything else."

Ethan currently uses the Nikon D300 in the Sea & Sea MDX300 housing with both the YS250 and the YS110 strobes.


East Coast Divers, Inc.

East Coast Divers, Inc. is a retail dive store that specializes in scuba travel, lessons, sales and service. They have been serving New England divers for over 30 years!
Phone: 508-620-1176 or 1-800-649-3483

Underwater Photo Tech

Underwater Photo Tech is a specialty camera store that knows underwater cameras, housings, and equipment from top to bottom. They sell and service many brands of underwater housings. They are also a dealer for both Nikon and Canon.
Phone: 603-432-1997

Aquanauts Grenada Ltd.

Aquanauts is one of the best dive opperations in the Caribbean. They have a modern, comfortable fleet of boats and fast & friendly service. Aquanauts will be the host operation of Ethan's expedition to Grenada. Sign up now and experience Aquanauts yourself!

Keldan Lights

Keldan develops diving lights with HID Gas Discharge Lamps, which are compact and extremely powerful. Keldan is continously working on the development of further diving lights using the most advanced technology.

Reef & Rainforest

Reef & Rainforest Dive and Adventure Travel is a full-service travel agency specializing in scuba diving and adventure travel to exciting and exotic destinations around the world. They offer personalized planning for discerning travelers who are looking for customized trips to make the most of those precious few weeks of vacation each year.
Phone: 1·800·794·9767

Shark Diver

Shark Diver has been in the business of serious adventures for over ten years. They offer a unique assortment of exotic shark adventures.
Phone: 888-405-3268